Monday, 16 December 2013

Why You Should Really Consider Nudism

I am not a naturist, but a person who believes in the expression of the human form. Ugandan people to me have a self hate vendetta against there own bodies. I am not for naturism because of its corporate mindset, and lack of family guidelines. Maybe I am too old school but I believe nudity or being nude is not to be exploited or profited from. Blacks are constantly portrayed whenever nude (natural) in a pornographic, or exploited manner. If I seem wrong reply back!
The color of your skin does not indicate whether or not you love or hate your body.  You can hate or love your body no matter what race you are. I’m black and I love my body. I do agree, however, that black people are often portrayed in a pornographic manner. Just trying to find images for this blog is sometimes seems difficult.