Monday, 16 December 2013

What Your First Time as a Nudist Feels Like

Nudism Happens” - The first time you DARE to go bare in the comfort and security of home!  It is really quite simple and easy, though it may require having a slightly higher heating bill in the middle of winter!
Taking off the clothing you may have grown up with is like a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly, a transformation, a revelation, and in some cases a discovery that whole-body nudity beyond bath-time is comfortable and we all SHOULD be able to enjoy it!
Take a look in the mirror while nude, a serious look, beginning with the eyes and then carefully examining each part of your body.  Know it, appreciate it, BELIEVE in it because this is the vessel God chose for you to experience life!  The body has millions of nerve endings, tiny hairs to sense changes in air movement, and can even extend itself through the mechanism called “Goosebumps” to heighten its awareness of our surroundings when necessary.  The body has an amazing cooling ability if it is not impeded and certainly “knows” how to shed excess heat when the environment demands it or when we workout or do strenuous physical activity.  You have got to love it!  It’s healthy to love it and only by appreciating the machine we are, can we move ahead and evolve to the next level of social evolution.
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Thank you!